Dear friends! I am asking for your help and support in the promotion and realization of our new project we started on Boomstarter. Please support the publishing of ROMEO AND JULIET novel by Yulia Ravvina!

We came up with the idea of crowdfunding after numerous and fruitless attempts to publish the novel with the assistance of the publishing houses. It may seem that they did not like the novel, but the truth is they have not even read it. We unexpectedly found out that to be read by publishers you need to have already been published and promoted. Impossible situation! But, in fact, we are facing it. After all we did for several years, we have nothing to relay on but peoples’ support. That is why Yulia decided to apply crowdfunding.

I am planning to support Yulia by organizing new literary events. Our WRITER&THEATRE project is completed this year. Thank you for being with us! I hope to continue in 2020. Also I donate two OLGA Bookish Bangles Collection’s bangles to become sponsors’ reward.  And certainly I am asking for your help: financial support (any amount would be helpful), social media posts, contacts with press, event and partnership offers – I am open to anything that would help!

I am very grateful for warm and pleasant words I often hear from the spectators and participants of our events, for your wonderful feedbacks. I do believe there are people who like and need good books and now I am addressing to you praying for help and support.

I hope, hope and hope!

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